1927 T Roadster Video Update, Part 1

I just got back from a visit with Bob Hamilton and wanted to quickly share with you this 1927 T roadster video update. You’ll enjoy seeing some of the progress Bob’s made and you’ll also see some more unique Bob Hamilton features that he’s added.

For example, how he discretely added 4-5 inches more cockpit room. And how he positioned his Mustang steering box for even more room in his 1927 T roadster.

You’ll also appreciate seeing how he hacked an aftermarket turn signal assembly to make it functional while not being a visual distraction.

Personally, I was very impressed with the entire dash, including beautiful wood insert, he showed how to build in the T-Bucket and Model A Hot Rod Modifications DVD.

Enjoy this 1927 T roadster video update, because we’ll have more to follow before too long.

3 thoughts on “1927 T Roadster Video Update, Part 1”

  1. I have a 1927 Model T rolling chassis from Total Performance and a glass body with no doors to build

  2. Sounds like fun, Roger. To add opening doors to that fiberglass body you’ll want to get our “T-Bucket and Model-A Hot Rod Modifications” DVD:

    Here’s what it covers:
    Build Opening Doors in a Fiberglass Body
    Why it’s important to have a plan before cutting doors out
    How “body stress” can be a problem when cutting the door out and how to avoid it
    Two ways to reinforce door and frame before cutting
    How to install “bear jaw” latches
    How to use $5 hardware store hinges, rather than paying $50-$120 for special street rod hinges
    How to build reinforced door jambs that will look great and ensure smooth door operation
    Which side door you should always start with first
    How to lay out door outline before cutting and why pre-cuts will help
    Where your final cuts should be to avoid problems
    Which edge of the door is best to alignment from
    How to build up sheets and strips of fiberglass matte and resin to build your own door jambs for a finished look and durability
    How to plan ahead for easy upholstery panel mounting
    How to mount fiberglass strips around 90 degree curves
    Where to center your hinges in the door
    Where and how to mount the door latch
    >How to modify a striker bolt to lengthen it and give longer life, smooth operation
    How to easily square a door edge that wasn’t cut perfectly straight
    How to build door upholstery panel mounting structure
    Why you should start saving your popsicle sticks
    How to reinforce the door for hinge mounting
    How to ensure precise top and bottom hinge alignment for smooth, dependable opening and closing
    How to tighten door gaps for that real “pro” look
    How to “bed” the hinges in fiberglass
    How to tighten or loosen hinge tension
    How to build door sills
    Optional ways of further strengthening door jambs, while also providing upholstery panel mounting
    How to most efficiently and effectively prime the interior door fiberglass work
    Plus, how to build a frenched fiberglass license plate frame

  3. That black ’27 roadster in the background of Bob Hamilton’s ‘body modification’ vid looks interesting.
    Any info on that? Appears to have a Dick Williams Poly Form rolled pan on the rear…

    Bob’s windshield posts seem to have come from a ‘street rod’ source. Hope those don’t become the ‘Norm’…

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