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Yes, you can now confidently and inexpensively do your own street rod upholstery with professional looking results. Fans of the successful StreetRod 101 DVD series will be excited to know that this latest installment is the biggest and best one yet. How about 5-1/2 hours on 4 high quality DVDs revealing all the information, tips, tricks and secrets of success that Bob Hamilton has developed over two decades of doing street rod upholstery for himself and friends. It’s all focused on how you, the average street rod fan, can produce upholstery you’ll be proud of. All for only $24.99.

The full description below details how comprehensive and informative this huge 4-DVD set really is. Just click on the ADD TO CART button below to get yours.

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Street rod upholstery has always been seen as a black art or something better left to the professionals — at least if you had the budget that would let you pay what they charged. Now, you can do your own street rod upholstery to save really big bucks while gaining the satisfaction and pride of being able to say, “I did it myself!”

Bob Hamilton has truly knocked it out of the park in this latest addition to the StreetRod 101 DVD Library. You get a whopping 5-1/2 hours of practical how to do it street rod upholstery instruction, tips and tricks in this big 4-DVD set. All for only $24.99.

And you’re not going to have to go out and spend a fortune for tools and equipment. You see, Bob’s been doing his own street rod upholstery for over two decades and in this big DVD package he clues you in on what he’s learned the hard way so that you can avoid novice disasters and do your own street rod upholstery you’ll truly be proud of. Heck, you might even develop a nice sideline doing upholstery for friends.

So, click on the Add to Cart button now or just to be sure this’ll be the best twenty buck investment you’ve made in your street rod adventures take a look at all of the valuable information, tips and tricks you’ll enjoy watching and putting to practical use right away.

Street Rod Upholstery DVD 1 (1 hr., 6 min.)

Street Rod Upholstery How To Tuck and Roll

Basic Hot Rod Upholstery Introduction, Door Panel Construction, Tuck and Roll Basics

  • The simplified, non-intimidating approach to street rod upholstery
  • Using inexpensive materials that can all be bought online
  • How to lay out traditional street rod upholstery using 2 inch tuck and roll with pleats on top and bottom
  • Establishing reference points to ensure panels are properly aligned
  • Why you should start first on the passenger side
  • How to make blind nuts for door hinge attachment and easy future removal
  • Innovative, reusable pattern material tips
  • Backer board or Luan plywood material you can get from local hardware store: how to cut and properly dress it
  • Best way to drill clean holes in plywood
  • How to affix street rod upholstery panels to doors and body

Street Rod Upholstery How To Tuck and Roll

  • Types of street rod upholstery clips you should use and where to get them
  • How to lay out pleats on pattern
  • Best way to make removable markings on Naugahyde or vinyl street rod upholstery material
  • How to lay out pleats on your vinyl material
  • How much material to add on each side for uniform correct dimension pleats
  • Choosing and using foam backing with vinyl upholstery material
  • How to prevent T-nuts from loosening with vibration

Street Rod Upholstery DVD 2 (1 hr., 49 min.)

Street Rod Upholstery How To Tuck and Roll

Sewing Machine Basics

  • Why it doesn’t take a really expensive sewing machine
  • The four important things to look for in the ideal sewing machine
  • Used machines you can find online for less than $200 or maybe you can use your wife, mom or girlfriend’s machine
  • Proper machine setup, threading, lubrication, bobbins, etc.
  • Benefits of a machine table
  • The 3 basic types of pleats and how to make them
  • Importance of backstitching; when and how to do
  • How to ensure upholstery panels are square
  • The importance of reducing unnecessary bulk for the best looking upholstery and how to do it
  • How to get nice, straight seams between rolls and pleats

Street Rod Upholstery How To Tuck and Roll

  • How to prevent street rod upholstery panels from billowing or buckling
  • How and why to radius backing panels at seams and radius panel boards for smoothness
  • How to tell when the bobbin needs replacing
  • Why it’s important to continually eliminate excess “bulk” material
  • What to do if an upholstery panel is too long
  • Easy upholstery staple removal and why it’s important to learn
  • How to make sure staples seat properly
  • Proper positioning of “scrim” on upholstery foam
  • Spray adhesive recommendations and proper application
  • Trimming foam to fit the right way
  • The benefits of good upholstery shears
  • Why and how to avoid too many staples too soon
  • Secret of repositioning staples for sharp and curves corners without wrinkles
  • Proper trimming to avoid having to do panels over
  • Successful upholstery material stretching and pulling technique
  • The big problem to avoid by properly backstitching
  • Final vinyl trimming with a utility knife instead of shears
  • Importance of making patterns for upholstery panels
  • How to make custom aluminum door latch escutcheon plates (use the same technique to make your own custom aluminum door sills)
  • Putting a great polished finish on cheap hardware store grade aluminum stock
  • Choosing simple buffing compounds

Street Rod Upholstery DVD 3 (1 hr., 40 min.)

Street Rod Upholstery How To Tuck and Roll

Seat Construction and Upholstery

  • All about the different types of seams you can use in seat upholstery
  • Regular seams, French seams, top stitch seams and welt cord seams
  • How to do decorative pinstripe-like stitching
  • Easy stitching color change with a simple bobbin change
  • All about types of foam you can use for street rod seating
  • Open cell versus closed cell foam
  • Does foam color mean anything?
  • High density foam selection for seats
  • High, medium and low density foam squeezability and what to look for
  • How to build wood and metal frames for seats

Street Rod Upholstery How To Tuck and Roll

  • Guidelines on seat dimensions, including seat back angle for most comfortable ride
  • How to keep seat upholstery from staying compressed after sitting
  • Pattern making for comfortable contoured seats
  • Different ways to cut foam: from bread knife to bandsaw
  • Making seat patterns tailored to the individual, including leg and lumbar support
  • Wood seat base construction tips
  • Proper way to glue different density foams together for tailored support
  • Pros and cons of different tools for final foam shaping
  • Combining different foam densities for a custom feel
  • Fitting foam cushion to seat platform
  • Considerations in placing seams on seat upholstery
  • Relief cuts vs. pie cuts on curves

Street Rod Upholstery DVD 4 (1 hr., 2 min.)

Street Rod Upholstery How To Tuck and RollCarpet Installation, Shift Boot Construction, Trunk Upholstery

  • The best kept secret free carpet template material
  • Inexpensive street rod carpet materials
  • Making your carpet pattern
  • What to put under the carpet
  • How to cut the carpet
  • Economic hardware store floor insulation material
  • Using sound deadening insulation

Street Rod Upholstery How To Tuck and Roll

  • Using carpet tape
  • How to bind carpet edges
  • A unique “half-sewn” carpet binding
  • How to be prepared for carpet shrinkage
  • Velcro to keep problem corners down
  • How to make a custom shifter boot for any shifter handle and knob configuration
  • How to upholster your street rod’s trunk area
  • Working with different types of backing board for trunk upholstery panels
  • Simple trunk upholstery panel attachment
  • How to use your carpet remnants in the trunk

Wow, that looks like a lot of information — and that’s why it takes this huge 5-1/2 hour 4-DVD package to cover it all!

You get it all of this Street Rod Upholstery how to information promptly delivered to your mailbox in a four DVD set containing 5-1/2 hours of valuable and practical how to information that you will use regularly and treasure for a lifetime for only $24.99 plus $7 shipping and handling ($17 Canada and Mexico, $23 other international). Just click on the “Add to Cart” button below.

And while you’re at it, you can also add the other volumes in the StreetRod 101 DVD Library, too.

StreetRod 101 DVD Library

SAVE BIGGER THE MORE YOU ORDER: 1 DVD Set $24.99; 2 DVD Sets $23.99 ea.; 3 DVD Sets $22.99 ea.; 4 DVD Sets $21.99 ea.; 5 DVD Sets – BIGGEST SAVINGS $19.99 ea. DISCOUNTS IN CART AT CHECKOUT

Click on the ADD TO CART button now to get yours and continue shopping for the other DVDs in the StreetRod 101 library to learn more!

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