Model A HotRod and T-Bucket Modifications 2-DVD Set

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4+ hour instructional DVD set covers how to install opening doors in a fiberglass body, how to build a custom fiberglass dashboard, how to modify a fiberglass grille shell, how to understand street rod electric wiring, kingpin bushing replacement, and two special bonus features for handicapped hot rodders: how to build a sliding seat and installing hot rod hand controls.

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The response to our StreetRod 101 hot rod “how to” DVDs featuring Bob Hamilton has been so terrific that we are proud to introduce the 4th DVD in the series: T-Bucket and Model A HotRod Modifications.

StreetRod101 T-Bucket Model-A HotRod Mods
StreetRod101 T-Bucket and Model-A HotRod Mods

This new 4+ hour, 2-DVD set covers how to install opening doors in a fiberglass body, how to build a custom fiberglass dashboard, how to modify a fiberglass grille shell, how to understand street rod electric wiring, kingpin bushing replacement, and two special bonus features for handicapped hot rodders: how to build a sliding seat and installing hot rod hand controls.

All of these modifications can be equally applied to either a T-Bucket or Model A HotRod or just about any early model street rod you’re building.

Take a look at all the detailed information you’ll learn in the seven chapters of this 4+ hour, 2-DVD set:

Build Opening Doors in a Fiberglass Body

Fiberglass body opening door

  • Why it’s important to have a plan before cutting doors out
  • How “body stress” can be a problem when cutting the door out and how to avoid it
  • Two ways to reinforce door and frame before cutting
  • How to install “bear jaw” latches
  • How to use $5 hardware store hinges, rather than paying $50-$120 for special street rod hinges
  • How to build reinforced door jambs that will look great and ensure smooth door operation
  • Which side door you should always start with first
  • How to lay out door outline before cutting and why pre-cuts will help
  • Where your final cuts should be to avoid problems
  • Which edge of the door is best to alignment from
  • How to build up sheets and strips of fiberglass matte and resin to build your own door jambs for a finished look and durability
  • How to plan ahead for easy upholstery panel mounting
  • How to mount fiberglass strips around 90 degree curves
  • Where to center your hinges in the door
  • Where and how to mount the door latch
  • How to modify a striker bolt to lengthen it and give longer life, smooth operation
  • How to easily square a door edge that wasn’t cut perfectly straight
  • How to build door upholstery panel mounting structure
  • Why you should start saving your popsicle sticks
  • How to reinforce the door for hinge mounting
  • How to ensure precise top and bottom hinge alignment for smooth, dependable opening and closing
  • How to tighten door gaps for that real “pro” look
  • How to “bed” the hinges in fiberglass
  • How to tighten or loosen hinge tension
  • How to build door sills
  • Optional ways of further strengthening door jambs, while also providing upholstery panel mounting
  • How to most efficiently and effectively prime the interior door fiberglass work
  • Plus, how to build a frenched fiberglass license plate frame

Build a Custom Fiberglass Dashboard

Build Fiberglass Dashboard

  • How to start with a pattern for your own custom fiberglass dashboard
  • Using homemade fiberglass sheet as a starting point
  • How to recess dash and add a wood insert
  • Using fiberglass bondo to reinforce joints and fill in gaps in dash
  • How to use hand-formed brake line for dimensional molding to give 3D effect
  • How to cut out dash for best gauge mounting
  • How to prime, fill, sand and paint for smooth finish
  • Building your own wood dash insert
  • Adding programmable speedometer switch bracket and dash mounting support brackets
  • Power, ground, and gauge wires simplified
  • Simple tips to make maintenance easier
  • Provisions for headlight and turn signal indicator lights

Modify a Fiberglass Grille Shell

Grille Shell Modifications

  • Grille shell considerations when running a hood
  • Variations to be aware of in grille shells and radiators — even from the same supplier
  • Best looking way to fill those unsightly gaps between radiator and grille shell
  • When’s the best time to use a chopped ’32 grille shell vs stock height
  • What CFM fan is recommended for most dependable cooling
  • Which type of radiator support rods to use
  • Why you may want to order your radiator without a “foot”
  • How to make rugged radiator support brackets with enough flexibility to avoid damaging your radiator
  • Routing radiator fan (and turn signal) wires so they don’t show
  • How to chop, or section, a fiberglass grille shell the right way
  • How to “french” turn signals into the grille shell for a smoother appearance
  • How to build a custom polished stainless steel vertical bar grille
  • Best way to drill stainless steel tubing
  • How a fiberglass Deuce grille shell compares to the metal version
  • How to install a grille insert without damaging grille shell paint
  • Various front turn signal choices and mounting options
  • How to properly ground electric lights mounted on fiberglass
  • The easy way to spot-prime your fiberglass modifications
  • How to fabricate fiberglass pads to mount grille shell to radiator
  • Low-buck, homemade radius, corner and curved sanding tools you can make
  • The easy way to measure grille bar spacing

Street Rod Electric Wiring Simplified

Street Rod Electric Wiring

  • Primary considerations: battery location, master disconnect switch
  • Constant power source requirements
  • Wire color coding tips
  • Neat, effective grounds
  • Nicer looking battery terminals
  • Fuses, fuse box types and location
  • Simple wire gauge choices
  • Importance of a neutral safety switch
  • Logical dashboard gauge placement
  • Simple turn signal indicator lights
  • How to prewire dash gauges and build your own wiring harness
  • Simplified gauge hookup explained
  • When and how to use crimp connectors or solder joints
  • Good soldering procedure
  • Types of solder to use and the type not to use

Kingpin Bushing Replacement

Replace Ford Kingpin Bushings

  • How to differentiate wheel bearing wear from kingpin wear
  • Overview of the 3 simple tools used to replace kingpin bushings
  • The “poor man’s bushing driver”
  • Removing zerk fittings
  • How to drive out old bushings
  • Optional: build your own spindle mounting fixture for your vise
  • Proper way to orient and drive in new bushings
  • How to adjust, lubricate and clean reamer
  • How to properly ream both bushings
  • Properly fitting kingpins to bushings

Build a Sliding Street Rod Seat

Sliding Seat Street Rod

  • Constructing a support framework to permit cantilevered load of a 200+ pound driver on seat sliding 18″ to the outside of body to allow easy access
  • Building a removable external support leg with roller to engage pavement for more secure support
  • How to cover for upholstery
  • How to build a simple, positive locking mechanism for seat when in driving position
  • Materials of construction for seat support framework, seat carrier mechanism, bearings and bushings
  • How to adjust seat track
  • A unique 3-5 point harness mounting arrangement
  • How to mount securely to floorboard of street rod

Installing Hot Rod Hand Controls

Street Rod Hand Controls

  • Demystifying the operation of hand controls for brake and accelerator
  • How to mount hand controls in a hot rod
  • How to modify hand controls for different street rod driver dimensions and layouts
  • Making controls easily removable for regular drivers
  • Dual braking explained
  • How to make everything disappear when it’s time to sell your street rod
  • How to modify conventional passenger car mounting brackets to fit hot rod interiors

Like all of Bob Hamilton’s videos, you’ll pick up a ton of tips, tricks and knowledge that will save you untold hours of frustration and needlessly wasted money in your street rod building efforts.

You get it all of this promptly delivered to your mailbox in a high quality, 4+ half hour 2-DVD-set that you will use regularly and treasure for a lifetime for only $24.99 plus $7 shipping and handling (Canada, Mexico and other international see rates above). Just click on the “Add to Cart” button below.

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  1. Excellent video gave me ideas on a future project that is wanting in the wings.
    After the first two videos this is like a freebee.

  2. Like the other dvd all very good.

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